Making change happen

I’ve been trying to write this post for the last few days. However, I haven’t had the right words. I want to start by talking about my name. Not Ian, but Orthodox Trucker. I chose the name Orthodox Trucker not just because I’m a truck driver and an orthodox christian. I chose it because it’s a name that shows that even in my job, I am Orthodox. Even in my day to day life, I am Orthodox. It is supposed to remind me of the need to keep Christ in my life, in all things. Even in my high stress, cuss like a sailor job. I became a trucker in order to provide for my family. However being able to provide doesn’t just imply money. It is also important to provide time and guidance. As a husband and as a father, I am tasked with leading my family forward. But since I am always working, I am not always able to provide besides money.

Lately I have been feeling the call from God to do other things with my life besides just trucking. I mentioned a few posts ago about the pendulum and my own desire to serve God and maybe to even attend seminary someday. How can I lead my family towards a deeper relationship with God, if I am always on the road? I am more than just a paycheck, and more than just a trucker. I am man of God, someone who loves with out ceasing. In order to push my life forward towards God and closer to my family, something has to change.

With that being said, it’s time to spill the beans. But before I do that, I’m going to have to fire up the time machine and take you to saturday night, February 6th, 2021. It was evening time and I was still struggling with my own inner desire for less trucking, more orthodoxy. How will I ever build a strong life in church, if Im hardly ever able to go to church? I took the large pantocrator icon of Christ off the wall and hugged it. I pleaded with the lord asking him to get me out of the truck and into either the office or into an instructor position. Something where I can work 40 hours a week only, still make a decent wage, and be home for family life and church life. I followed my prayer with asking “Lord if you deem me worthy of seminary, then please let that happen. I’m ready to go down that path and take the next step. Only give me the blessing and I will follow.” I told God what I needed, told him that if that train arrives for me, then I’ll go. And then I waited.

The next day, Father George came over to our apartment in order to bless our home. It was so nice to have that done. We haven’t had our home blessed in probably six years. In our visit after the blessing, I finally got the courage to express my desire for the priesthood and seminary. And Father George to my surprise, said yes. He gave me his blessing and said we now have work to do. First I need to send a letter off to Metropolitan Joseph. After spending a few days and having emily and Dad help with that, I finished the letter and sent it off. I was also told that I now need to be at as many services as possible and Khouria Hanan brought up the fact that she heard me chanting. “You can chant!” she said. “Why aren’t you in the choir?” I used to be in the Choir in Bonners Ferry and enjoyed it very much. It seems the plan is to now have me join the Choir at Saint George and then if I receive a positive response from Sayinda, I could very well be applying and beginning my seminary journey in less than a year. Either way however, if the answer is yes or no, god still heard my prayer and answered it by allowing me to take the very first step.

The next day, monday, was another day off for me. The blessing Father George gave me was still on my mind. I knew I had to make another big change, and that meant a less demanding position. It was time to find that elusive 40 hour a week high paying out of the truck, trucking job. I sent a few emails off and prepared myself for a fun day with John. Within an hour of my first email being sent off, I got a call from the general manager at the Pacific NW Professional Driving School over in Troutdale. After a very productive phone call, I was invited down for an in person interview as soon as possible. Since I had the day off, I got ready and headed down to Troutdale in order to meet the crew, and see what this school was all about.

I met the instructors, and got to know some of the students. As advertised, Pacific NW driving school teaches individuals how to drive a semi truck. It basically educates a person on how to earn their cdl. This is perfect. A great way for me to get out of the truck and yet at the same time, stay in the industry, building my resume up in order to climb the operations/office crew ladder. If sayidna ends up saying no to seminary, then at least I’ll have got my foot in the door for the betterment of my future career.

The interview went great and I was asked to come back as soon as I could for a road test and drug screen. I had no clue when I would be able to do that because my work schedule is always in flux. One day I’m getting up at 4am in order to start my work. The next day I’m not out the door until nearly 11am. So asking me to be able to come back in the morning, at 7 am was like asking God to personally clear my schedule. Which of course, he did. I soon found that my work on tuesday didn’t need to start until noon. That meant I was free all morning for that drive test, second interview, and drug screen. Everything fell into perfect place as this new job lined up without too much effort on my part. It is amazing watching how God moves the puzzle pieces of your life into place. All I had to do was ask, and tell him I was ready. I just needed to be ready to leap when the time was right.

I ended up getting the job at the school. I then notified my colleagues at Knight and was given a final hail mary option to keep me on board. That office position they’ve been promising me for the last four months might finally be opening. They said if I could just hold on, a little longer… it would be mine. I told them, please let me know within 48-72 hours whether or not this is actually a possibility. I’ve had my hopes up for so long with Knight. I’ve listened to promises and believed the hype. But eventually if you want change, you have to do it yourself.

Yesterday I was told that the office job was a no-go. That sealed the deal for me. I’ll be leaving Knight Transportation (again) at the end of the week and on monday the 22nd, I’ll start my new job as a driving instructor.

I want to end this post by saying, if you ask God to let you get on the that train which will take you forward in your life, then you better be ready to jump aboard when he sends it your way. It may happen sooner than you think!

That’s all for me today folks. God is truly assisting in all areas of my life. I am Orthodox. I am a trucker. And through His grace I am now taking the next steps in both of those areas. We’re still snowed in here, but we have each other and Emily and I were able to participate in a wonderful orthodox marriage conference via zoom today. It was an eye opening experience and we both learned a lot. I pray that you all are well and I am once again so thankful for you, my readers.

Until next time!

– Orthodox Trucker

Our second snow day allowed Emily and I to freshen up our icon corner. I am thankful, so thankful for her and for John, and the life in Christ we are building.

2 thoughts on “Making change happen

  1. The photo of the many icons on your 2 walls is what drew me to read your post ā€“ and now having read it, I wonder if God is asking me to get ready. Just minutes before, I had been praying about my future ā€“ similar to yours in some ways. Close to 50 now, I need a less demanding job that will bring in the money whilst not shortening my lifespan as my present job is doing to me. What happened to you is nothing short of a miracle.
    May God grant me this same miracle.
    And as you said, may I be ready to receive this miracle.

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